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The Blog of the West Wind

Offseason musings from the Director and other voices regarding Kabeyun’s philosophy and the role of camp in developing strong, confident, and caring boys.

Dos and Don’ts When Preparing for Camp


Attending camp is an exciting time, it means that summer is here! Many boys wait the entire year for camp and are anxious for the fun to begin. There is a lot to do to prepare, including packing and communicating with camp, here is a checklist of a few dos and don’ts when preparing to attend New Hampshire summer camps.


  • Communication: It is important to communicate with your camp’s director, especially if your child is feeling reluctant to attend camp, apprehension, or worry. Camp counselors can help young campers ease into camp with a heads up that your child is nervous.
  • Paperwork: Before arriving to camp, check to make sure that all registration and information forms have been filled out completely. These forms will provide camp with valuable and critical information about all campers attending camp.
  • Orientation: If possible, attend a camp orientation or open house. This gives your child the opportunity to meet the staff and counselors, while learning more about camp, including the programs and activities that are available. This is your opportunity to ask questions about camp, what to expect and how communication is handled once your child arrives at camp.
  • Connect: Check your camp’s website for links to social media accounts so that you can stay connected while your child is at camp.
  • Label Everything: Make sure all of your child’s belongings are labeled with their name. Iron-on labels are great for fabric items, while a permanent marker or nail polish can work for most other things. Be sure to pack extra labels with your child just in case they need them.
  • Include Your Child: One of the most valuable things your child can gain from attending an overnight camp is a sense of independence. Start promoting independence in your child before they leave for camp by having them pack their own bag. Help them by preparing a packing list and oversee the process but leave the packing up to them.
  • Keep in Touch: Once your child arrives at camp, be sure to keep in touch. Mail a letter the week before camp starts so that it is there waiting for them. Be sure to write regularly so that you keep in touch with your child. Pack self-addressed, stamped envelopes so that your child can write you back!


  • Don’t Force It: Don’t force your child to attend camp. If they aren’t ready now, there will be other opportunities to attend camp at a later date.
  • Make Promises: This is especially important for young campers who are reluctant about going away from home for the first time. Suggest that they give camp their best try and at the end of camp you will re-evaluate for camp next year. Don’t promise your child that if they don’t enjoy camp you’ll pick them up, instead give your child the expectation that they are going to stay for the entire session of camp.
  • Worry: Stay positive and your enthusiasm for camp will rub off on your child. Don’t dwell on the fact that you will miss them, even though you will. Don’t overplay all the fun activities that you have planned for yourself while they are away at camp. Encourage your child to have fun at camp and not to worry about what is going on at home.
  • Send Valuables: Don’t pack valuables with your child that can get lost or stolen. Leave money, cell phones and electronics at home, as they have no place at camp.
  • Overpack: While you might be tempted to pack everything plus the kitchen sink, don’t. Stick to the packing list that is provided by your chosen camp. Following the guidelines provided by the camp will ensure that your child has everything they need, without all the unnecessary extras.

Camp is a wonderful time for boys to learn and grown, a little preparation beforehand can help to ensure that your child has an enjoyable experience. Camp Kabeyun offers New Hampshire summer camps for boys, where they enjoy the beautiful outdoors, make new friends and grow. Come and join us for a fun summer at Camp Kabeyun!


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