Questions Asked & Answered

Questions Asked and Answered

The announcement that Kabeyun is suspending operations this summer leaves everyone with questions, and those coming from campers will differ from those coming from parents, counselors, or alumni. We've tried to anticipate as many as possible in advance, and will continue to add to this list as new information is available. Check back often! If you have a question that's not answered here, use the contact form and we'll respond to you directly and add both the question and the answer below.

Will I get a camp t-shirt this summer?

Yes. All enrolled campers and staff members will receive a Kabeyun T shirt marking this unusual summer. We'll share the design as soon as we have it.

What about my 5-year-club sweatshirt?

Not to worry. If you were due to receive your 5-year sweatshirt in 2020, you will get it when you return to camp and you will get credit for summer 2020. So, if you were supposed to get a 5-year sweatshirt in 2020 and you come back in 2021, you will receive your 5-year sweatshirt and be in your sixth Kabeyun summer.

I’m 15 and this was going to be my last summer. Now what?

We’re not going to let this pandemic take that experience away from you! Kabeyun plans to change its age guidelines so campers can return at 16 for an Owls summer if they wish.

But what if I can’t come back at 16 and I still want my 5-year sweatshirt?

Call or email Ken and he will take care of you.

This was supposed to be my Intern year. What happens?

We want you to have your Intern experience as much as you do. If you were accepted as an intern for 2020, you are welcome back for an internship in 2021. We will figure out the details in the coming months.

What if I already paid tuition for 2020?

If you already paid part or all of 2020’s tuition, please let Ken know if you would like to transfer tuition to 2021, convert all or part of your tuition into a charitable contribution to camp, or receive a full refund.

How can I help Kabeyun?

We appreciate your support! While we are confident Kabeyun will weather this storm, we do anticipate significant financial challenges due to the loss of tuition in 2020. Kabeyun has almost $500,000 in fixed costs we must pay each year. If you are able, we welcome your financial support.

Have you thought about running camp for a shortened season or making other adjustments?

Yes. We considered all possibilities for opening camp, including a shortened season, and wrestled over what kinds of operational adjustments would be better than not having camp at all. Over the past months, we closely tracked requirements for each phase of reopening with guidance from the CDC, New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, and the American Camp Association. Given the guidelines, many key aspects of Kabeyun would be impossible, including camp-wide activities, meals together, and the intermingling of boys from all cabins and age groups. But even if Kabeyun accepted extensive operational changes to make camp possible, we still faced health risks that we ultimately deemed too high for our camp family and the surrounding communities.

But my cousin’s camp is opening this summer!

Each camp is different and will ultimately assess its ability to operate in 2020 based on federal, state, and local guidance, its facilities, programming, location, and many other factors. Kabeyun’s Porter Foundation Board of Trustees carefully deliberated before deciding the health and safety risks were too great.

Is there a way I can stay in touch with my camp friends?

Yes, and we hope you will! Kabeyun plans to create a platform where people can provide their contact information and a space for them to connect with campers and staff. This will take some time to develop, but it is a priority.

So, will Kabeyun offer anything this summer? 

Camp is something that lives inside each of us. Although we will not be together this summer, we can support each other from a distance. Kabeyun’s staff is working to develop ways for us to connect and continue some of camp’s traditions and programming remotely. For example, we plan to regularly hold Virtual Pine Point gatherings, beginning next Sunday, May 24. We would love to hear your suggestions about other ways we can have a great Kabeyun experience separate yet together.

Can I at least visit camp this summer?

Unfortunately, no. Kabeyun means so much to all of us and we know you will miss driving down the camp road! But for everyone’s health and safety, please hold off on visiting camp for now. We will let you know when we’ve developed safety protocols allowing us to welcome visitors again.

What about family camp? Will that happen later this summer?

Regrettably, the challenges surrounding bringing families to Kabeyun are even more complex than having campers and staff at camp this summer, so like our normal camp operations, family camp is suspended for 2020.

I've still got questions – now what?

We're planning to host a series of Zoom town hall gatherings for campers, parents, staff, and alumni, where we'll welcome questions regarding our decision to suspend the traditional camp program and plans for the future. If you'd prefer, we can respond to emails submitted using the contact page, or you can call the office at (603) 875-3060. Ken's working from home for the time being and will return email and calls as soon as possible.