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It's Time!
posted April 20, 2015
This week will mark a transition point, turning away from winter in to spring and towards summer. Bruce and Bill have been knocking around almost daily since last fall, but in a matter of days, they'll be joined by Jeff and Mark, who will move to camp to begin opening cabins, pulling boats out, and undoing all of last year's winterizing work. Read More »
It's been a long, cold, snowy winter in New England. Depending on which direction you like to look, summer is either a distant and faded memory, or it's a tantalizing hope, just out of reach. This time of year is always difficult, waiting with impatience for the last of the snow to melt and for the ground to thaw, so we can get to work. And there's a lot of work to do! Read More »

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Summer 2016 Starts In

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Dates to Remember

2016 Camp Sessions
  • The Summer: Sunday 6.26 – Saturday 8.20
  • Extended Stay: Sunday 6.26 – Sunday 8.14
  • Half Summer I: Sunday 6.26 – Saturday 7.23
  • Half Summer II: Sunday 7.24 – Saturday 8.20
  • Introductory: Sunday 7.24 – Sunday 8.14
  • Counseling Interns: Fri. 6.24 – Sunday 8.14
2016 Family Camp
  • Wednesday 8.24 – Monday 9.5

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