I Chose It, I Tried It, I Love It!

And parents agree. At each season's end, letters from home prove that Kabeyun achieves its goals.

  • Kabeyun seems like the perfect place for him to grow and feel home away from home.
  • When Lucas is at Kabeyun I feel like I'm being a good parent every day.
  • I wanted to let you know how truly appreciative I am of Connor being able to attend camp this summer. He had a wonderful time, and I know it was a great experience for him. He treasures the sailboat he made in woodworking and is already thinking about what he might make if he's able to attend next summer. Thanks so much for all the wonderful memories from this year at camp.
  • From the start, I could tell this was a rare environment, designed to help these boys reach for the best in themselves and in each other. I feel like Luke stands a little taller after becoming part of the Kabeyun family. We hope that you all know how much we appreciate this wonderful program you have worked so hard to create. You do a tremendously important job.
  • Nick's three summers with you were extremely important to him. His camp photos are up on the wall in his bedroom and on the kitchen refrigerator. He wears the hats he crocheted with pride. Then he surprised all of us by running for student council this fall - becoming Vice-President - and showing the kind of leadership ability that I believe Kabeyun helped to foster.
  • Kabeyun is really a special place. I didn't go to camp as a kid, but if I had, I would have wanted the Kabeyun experience.
  • He came home a foot taller physically and emotionally. What a wonderful gem Kabeyun is!
  • The fact that Tom feels safe and encouraged to try new things and grow his boundaries is a testament to the positive environment you have created and the fantastic group of young men and women whose enthusiasm for adventure is being passed along to our growing boy. The positive, empowering influence of the counselors and staff is evident in Tom's character and we really appreciate each and every one of you.
  • Nicholas thrives in a place like Kabeyun. This is what I expected, and I could not be more delighted than I am with how things turned out.
  • We were hoping for a successful camp experience, with positive peer relationships, fun activities and improved self-esteem. What we found at Kabeyun was a camp family. People who truly took the time to really get to know him and appreciate him unconditionally… the benefits will last a lifetime.
  • Watching Dan in the play and knowing the history of his trying out and then his desire to drop out, followed by your keeping him engaged and committed, was awesome. He did an amazing job on stage Saturday night and when I looked into his eyes later that night - he knew. He knew he had accomplished something incredible.
  • The effects of Kabeyun on Ahmed are beyond our wildest dreams! He is more assertive, happy, and eagerly motivated to do all kinds of things that we used to urge him to do, and he matured in a fantastic way. He talks often of "when I am in camp next summer," and we couldn't be more thrilled. Thank you for running the camp so thoughtfully, lovingly, and creatively.
  • Kabeyun has had such an effect on Bennett - more mature, more patient, attentive to others... Please thank all your staff for us. Everyone who worked at Kabeyun should know that their efforts were worth it! Bennett had the most wonderful summer of his life, captured best, I think, in his last letter to us from camp, in which he said: "I AM SOOOOOO COMING BACK NEXT YEAR!!!"
  • Camp was everything I had hoped it would be for Jake. He is more confident, self-reliant, and a little more easy-going than before, and he's talking about going for the whole summer next year. Never a fan of school before, we dropped him off on the first day, and he said 'Only eight more months until camp starts again!
  • Oliver is having the most awesome school year ever! He has matured so much and we attribute much of his success to Kabeyun. He is conscious this year of who he is and how he impacts others. He takes himself less seriously and is quicker to laugh off mistakes and take life in stride. The most heart-warming part is he has begun to understand the importance of developing friendships.
  • One of the three greatest forces in our son's life, second only to family. We are grateful every day for the skill and confidence he developed at Kabeyun.
  • Camp has taught Daniel that he "can do" and it taught me that I can "let go" and let him find himself. He is more confident and happier than he has been in many years.