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The Kabeyun Experience

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Kabeyun offers a unique environment for boys, designed especially for those in search of opportunities to explore new and challenging experiences, develop new skills, and discover their individual capacity to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Since 1924, Kabeyun has created unforgettable summer camp experiences for boys on New Hampshire's largest body of water, Lake Winnipesaukee, nestled in the heart of New England.

The Kabeyun Program

Our program is designed to foster independent growth, as well as the ability to live and thrive as part of a real community. Each day, boys choose from a range of activities – from technical pastimes such as rock climbing and white water kayaking, to more creative pursuits like music, photography, dramatics, and pottery. Kabeyun offers all of the best staples of traditional New England camp summers like hiking, sailing, fishing, and archery, while our more recent outdoor offerings include wakeboarding, wake surfing, and windsurfing. The athlete can test himself on the tennis, badminton, and basketball courts, or join in a pick-up game of soccer or ultimate frisbee in the evening. Each camper designs his days with the caring guidance of our counselors, the majority of whom grew up as part of the Kabeyun family themselves, returning as adults to pass on the values that were instilled in them during their best summers at Kabeyun.

The Kabeyun Program - Summer Camps in New England

The Camp

The level of supported independence offered by Kabeyun helps campers develop within themselves a sense of self-awareness and responsibility. Boys can elect to try out a variety of activities, or choose to focus on one discipline in order to develop a more specific skill set. We offer an ideal combination of structure and independence that builds key life skills that campers can call upon as they move on to greater challenges.

In addition to the everyday offerings that are standard to our program, Kabeyun also offers opportunities for simple summer fun – puddle day, all-camp scavenger hunts, and kickball to name a few. We’ve built in blocks of free time throughout the day, when boys can range throughout camp, jump in to a game of tetherball, read on the steps of their cabin, or share the pleasure of a reflective sunset on the dock with their friends. While there is a consistent emphasis on education and instruction, no activity and no day is without its share of fun and laughter.

The Kabeyun summer camp New Hampshire

Benefits of a New England Summer Camp Experience

While Kabeyun's focus is on the individual, community life is a significant part of camp experience. Living amongst peers, sharing cabins, and determining day-to-day schedule offers opportunities for growth that living at home can’t provide, and camp is an ideal setting in which to have a positive first experience with community living. The community lifestyle encourages involvement and achievement. Every day, the accomplishments of individual campers are acknowledged and celebrated publicly. Self-confidence through achievement encourages boys to strive to meet the goals they have set for themselves.

New England Summer Camp Experience- Kabeyun

New England

Nestled on the southern shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, Kabeyun is surrounded by the best that New England has to offer. The camp itself is an idyllic setting, with nearly 100 acres of pine, beech, oak, and maple forest, as well as almost a full mile of shoreline along the lake. Beyond our campgrounds, there is quick and easy access to the majestic White Mountains for day and overnight trips that include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, and more.

The Kabeyun Boys Summer Camp New Hampshire


The Kabeyun experience continues to withstand the test of time, having been in operation now for over 90 years. Our New England summer camp continues to grow and evolve, but remains a haven for boys looking to enjoy their summers in an encouraging, engaging, and above all, fun environment.

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