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updated 5/18/2021

This summer, Kabeyun is asking our campers, staff, and their families to take all reasonable precautions to avoid bringing COVID to camp.

We are relying on you to do everything you can to get to camp healthy and virus-free. 

While we recognize that the CDC has relaxed some masking and distancing guidelines, Kabeyun expects its families to exercise caution and adhere to stricter standards in the ten days before campers arrive. This will greatly reduce the risk of anyone bringing COVID to camp. It also will increase the likelihood Kabeyun can run our camp program with fewer restrictions and give your son an experience that is closer to a normal, non-pandemic summer. 

Our goal is to create a COVID-free bubble at the start of each session and then to maintain that bubble during camp. Our two-pronged approach requires 1. a testing regimen and 2. behavior modifications in the period before camp and just after the session begins. While it would be easier to rely on a testing regimen alone, we believe pre-camp behavior modifications are crucial to avoid the incredible disappointment your son will experience if he tests positive and is denied entry to camp or is sent home after testing positive at drop-off. 

These pre-camp expectations apply to everyone, even those who are vaccinated or have had COVID recently. If you anticipate any difficulties with these expectations, please contact Ken to discuss.



Understanding that COVID can incubate for up to 14 days, please avoid any high-risk activities. Specifically, we ask that staff and their household members:

  • Avoid social gatherings with more than 10 people outside your household. Do not attend family reunions, graduations, birthday parties, funerals, weddings, concerts, unless you can remain  outdoors at all times and maintain at least six feet of distance from anyone outside your household, masked or unmasked. Avoid indoor restaurant dining, including restaurant tents that are not well ventilated.
  • Do not take part in sleepovers or go into other people’s homes. If meeting with friends, do it outdoors and socially distanced. 
  • Limit participation in sports to the games and practices themselves. If you must travel or stay in a hotel for your sport, do so only with members of your own household. Do not carpool or dine with people from outside your household. 
  • Take care to properly mask (and consider double masking) for school and sports.
  • Avoid non-essential travel, and do not take a cruise or travel internationally.
  • Start the daily screening process. This is a series of questions each staff member will answer within CampInTouch each day before camp. More information to come.

If any of these expectations pose a challenge for you or your family, please contact Ken to discuss your situation.

In addition, during this time period or before, please begin planning for the required pre-camp COVID test. All staff members must arrive at Kabeyun with a negative RT-PCR test that is not more than 72 hours old. Use this time to locate a testing facility, make an appointment, and learn how you will receive your results. 

Many states and/or health insurers are covering testing costs, but not all. Please contact the office if you need assistance paying for the pre-camp test. Once everyone arrives at camp, Kabeyun will cover the costs of the multiple COVID tests we will administer during each session.

Please note: we prefer that you address your pre-camp needs such as haircuts, dental, medical, and other appointments more than ten days before arrival.



Get your COVID PCR test. Remember, you must arrive at Kabeyun with a negative RT-PCR test that is not more than 72 hours old. You can email the results to the office or bring the documentation when you arrive at camp.

Please note, if you have had COVID in the past 3+ months, you may test positive again. If that happens, please provide Kabeyun dated copies of both positive tests – the one when you initially tested positive and the test administered just before you came to camp. If you have had COVID just prior to camp, you will need to complete a 14-day quarantine before arrival.

Once tested, staff members should: 

  • Not attend school.
  • Not attend sports games or practices.
  • Not attend day camps or other child care.
  • Be very careful in their contact with family or household members who are working outside the home, attending school, day camp/child care, or sports activities.

If any of these expectations pose a challenge for you or your family, please contact Ken to discuss your situation.



It is essential you continue to follow the pre-camp behavioral expectations and take care to reduce the risk of COVID transmission during your travel to Kabeyun. This includes all safe masking, physical distancing, and hygiene measures.

Try to travel to camp as directly as possible with no or reduced layovers.  Please avoid dining in restaurants; consider packing your food. Take care to wear masks while getting gas, using a restroom, etc., and wash your hands afterwards. As a reference, here are the CDC’s guidelines for safer domestic travel.

In 2021, Kabeyun is not providing transportation from airports and bus or train stations.

New Hampshire no longer requires travelers to quarantine for domestic travel. Anyone traveling internationally must quarantine in the United States for 10 days prior to arriving at camp. The person has the option of ending quarantine after Day 7 with a negative molecular test collected on Day 6-7.



On arrival, please call Ken's cell phone for the gate code and go directly to the office to check in. Please have a mask on and be prepared to complete a normal COVID screening (temperature, symptom inquiry, etc.) and confirm documentation of your negative pre-arrival RT-PCR test and vaccination status. This part of the plan is still evolving, so more information to come.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic will require some limits on how staff spend their time off outside of camp. We are committed to finding ways for you to enjoy time off that is both restorative and fun, and we will rely on your creativity and honesty to help do so.

First, the nuts and bolts: All staff are expected to take one full day off per week, and that day off is typically scheduled Monday – Saturday. Exceptions are made by mutual agreement on an individual basis with the director. Except for their day off, each counselor is "on duty" every day until 9:00 pm except those nights when they are "on cabin," when their responsibilities extend through to the following day. Days off conclude by 7:30 the following morning when staff are expected to resume their duties.

A day off schedule is created during precamp staff orientation. Most in-camp staff will have a consistent day of each week when they are off, while trips staff typically have a "floating" day off that is determined each week in conjunction with the schedule of out-of-camp trips. Certain days during the summer may be "blacked out," usually related to the beginning and end of the half-summer sessions. Staff whose normal day off falls on those days will have the opportunity to reschedule their day off those weeks.

To maximize the safety of the community and minimize the potential for the virus entering the camp "bubble,” Kabeyun must limit what staff can do outside of camp this summer. We must not engage in any activity that would put us in contact with any potential sources of infection. It is our hope that by the time camp starts, the entire staff will have completed a course of vaccination, meaning at least two weeks have elapsed since their last dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or their one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. While vaccination adds a significant layer of protection, it does not mean that an exposure could not lead to transmission back at camp, especially to unvaccinated campers. As well, vaccination does not mean you can't contract COVID, though the odds are in your favor; rather, it dramatically reduces your likelihood of becoming symptomatic and having an adverse outcome. We still need to be very careful this summer – we need to take all reasonable precautions and, if anything, err on the side of being stricter, not looser.

To that end, we will have considerable conversation around boundaries and limits both before and during precamp staff orientation, but no one should expect to spend time off going out to movie theaters, restaurants, bars, concerts, parties, or elsewhere where they would likely encounter anyone not likewise adhering to Kabeyun's COVID precautions. Any time staff are off the camp property, they'll have to employ the same precautions that were required at the height of the pandemic – masks, distancing, frequent hand-washing. Any “close contact” with anyone outside the Kabeyun bubble will need to be reported, regardless of whether they are COVID symptomatic. Close contact in New Hampshire is defined as within six feet for longer than ten minutes, masked or unmasked.

We're going to try hard to make sure staff can make good use of their time off. We'll consider all suggestions for ways we can improve the staff lounge, supply treats and entertainment, and any other ideas you can come up with. We'll do our best to accommodate requests to leave camp – it will only work if everyone is committed to making this a safe and healthy summer and comes to camp prepared to work with us to creatively solve these sorts of challenges.