The Blog of the West Wind

Kabeyun’s blog shares our philosophy and thoughts on the role of camp in developing strong, confident, caring boys at our summer camp on Lake Winnipesaukee.

The View from the White Board: What Kabeyun Means to Me

by Eliot Golding /

Our discussions from last summer have helped me not only frame what camp means to me, but have inspired a call to action I will continue to ask as long as I am a member of this community: “What can I do to help make sure that Kabeyun truly is a place where all are welcome and feel free from the fear of failure and the fear of judgment?” 

Tips for Parents of New Campers

by Laura Remington /

We asked eight parents of returning campers and alumni to share suggestions for families who are sending boys to camp for the first time. Their advice ranged from the utterly practical to the philosophical. All of it is valuable, although some suggestions may “ring true” for your family more than others – you know your son best. Here are their tips, organized by topics.

The View from the White Board: The Enduring Flame

by Eliot Golding /

Yes, it may not seem like it now, but summer will be here soon. In a few short months -- just over 100 days from now! -- camp and the lake will have both fully thawed out from this winter and we will once again have our full complement of campers and staff all following that same old winding trail down towards Porter’s Dock, ready for the next reignition of the Kabeyun fire to mark the start of another summer of fun, friendship, growth, and adventure.