Vists and Tours

Prospective Camper Families – Schedule a Tour!

We encourage all families who are considering Kabeyun for their son or sons to visit camp at least before opening day, if not even before making your decision to sign up for the summer. A walk around camp helps him establish a sense of familiarity and confidence, gets him excited about choosing Kabeyun, and will ease the normal first-day apprehension and jitters. While the ideal time for a tour is during the summer when camp is in session, we're happy to meet at camp during the off-season as well, though it takes some imagination for him to picture himself in the midst of the energy of the summer when leaves are off the trees and buildings are closed up! Regardless, there's no better setting to talk about camp and answer questions than in and amongst the cabins and trees. Call (603) 875-3060 or use the contact page to schedule a tour today!

Alumni – Re-connect with camp!

Visiting camp is a wonderful way to maintain your connection to Kabeyun, whether it's been one summer since your last season or decades. Former campers and counselors are an important part of Kabeyun's legacy, and it is always a joy to watch alumni soak in the memory of summers past.

Off-Season Visits (September – May)
Visiting camp after the conclusion of family camp and before the start of the following summer is easy – contact the Director either by calling (603) 875-3060 or using the contact page to let us know when you'd like to stop in, and we'll make sure someone's there in case you need to get in through the gate. It's best to reach out a day or two ahead, but last minute drop-ins are welcome as well.

In-Season Visits (June – August)
Visitors are welcome at Kabeyun during the season, however please recognize that, both for the safety of our campers and for the integrity of the summer program, we must ask you to observe certain limits on your presence that must be observed at all times.

  • All visits must be approved by the camp director or assistant director at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Visitors must check in and out at the main office, and may be asked to wear a badge identifying them as having permission to be on the property.
  • Unless permission is given in advance by the camp director or assistant director, all visits are limited to between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Mondays through Saturdays.
  • Unless specific permission is given by the camp director or assistant director, visitors should not use camp equipment, vehicles, boats, etc.
  • Visitors must never be alone with campers, or inside a camper cabin.
  • Visitors are welcome to enjoy lunch in the dining hall, and are encouraged to make a donation to the annual fund to cover the cost of their meal(s).
  • If a visitor’s presence is determined to be inappropriate, dangerous, distracting, or unwelcome, they will be asked to leave the property immediately.


Those who visit camp as guests of staff working at Kabeyun for the summer should make every effort to visit on a day that the staff they are visiting is off duty. Guests must understand that all staff who are on duty must maintain focus on their camp responsibilities and therefore cannot be distracted or otherwise occupied by visitors.