Group of boys in the dining hall

Kabeyun enjoys agreat reputation for its food among campers, staff, and Family Campers who come after the regular camp season. We have our own full-time chef and baker who treat us to a wide range of meals and a varied table.

Breakfasts include the staples of hot and cold cereals and juice, plus pancakes or French toast; fried, scrambled, or boiled eggs, and fresh muffins or coffee cake. Lunches always include a hot, usually homemade soup and salad, plus tacos or grilled cheese; cold-cut sandwiches; beef stew; homemade pizza; macaroni and cheese, or tuna, chicken or egg salad. Dinner might be a stir-fry, pork chops, London broil on the grill, chicken or beef fajitas, spaghetti, lasagna, lamb or pork roast, or meat loaf. There is always a hot vegetable; potatoes or rice; a salad bar, and fresh baked rolls, bread or biscuits.

Saturday evening we gather by the lake for a beach supper of burgers and dogs, or barbecued chicken, and watermelon. Sundays, we enjoy a full turkey dinner complete with stuffing, fresh baked rolls, potatoes and vegetables. There is usually a vegetarian alternative available whenever the meal is meat-centered, and we are used to accommodating certain special dietary needs that stem from food allergies, or intolerances.

Milk is available at every meal, and juice at breakfast. Between meals and in the evenings there is a fruit bowl available for snacks, often including muffins, or coffee cake in the mornings.


Health and Safety

Careful and continualattention to safety underlies everything we do. Two registered nurses, one of whom is always on duty at camp, oversee our medical needs. Each camper is given a health check every Sunday. We are within ten miles of the nearest hospital and work closely with a pediatrician in town. Most of our counselors, beginning with all waterfront and trip staff, are lifeguard certified. Trip leaders are trained in wilderness first-aid, and a number of our staff are trained as EMTs.

Kabeyun is a licensed Youth Recreation Camp in the State of the New Hampshire, inspected annually by the Department of Health and Human Services, and is accredited by the American Camp Association.