Family Camp

Family Camp – A Tradition Since 1973

Wednesday, August 24 – Monday, September 5, 2022

We are pleased to share this information about Family Camp at Kabeyun. After the boys depart at the end of August, you can come with family and friends to enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the outside world. Stay with us from one or two days or up to thirteen; take advantage of Kabeyun's beautiful setting and a wide range of camp activities.


2022 – COVID Precautions

After two years, we're excited to bring back the joy of Family Camp, and we are committed to making it both enjoyable and safe. The pandemic is ever-evolving, so we expect to finalize our COVID precautions by August 1. Meanwhile, please do not register for Family Camp without acknowledging the following expectations:

  • Our COVID vaccination policy will mirror that of the summer camp season – all participants ages 5 and older are required to present proof that they are “up to date” on all COVID-19 vaccines for which they are eligible, based on the CDC’s latest guidance
  • We will ask folks take COVID precautions to minimize their chances of coming into contact with COVID and bringing it into camp. Specifically, Family Campers should refrain from going to restaurants, bars, concerts, movies, or museums just before or during their time at Kabeyun, and they should wear face covering in stores, airports, and other indoor spaces as well as on transportation including planes, trains, and buses.
  • Our check-in routine will be different than in the past. Family Campers should arrive between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and check in at the office before interacting with anyone else at camp.
  • We ask that all Family Campers are respectful of others' levels of comfort and the COVID precautions they choose for themselves.
  • Finally, please know whatever plans we put in place this spring may very well change between now and August, depending on the evolution of the pandemic.


General Information

To download a pdf of the Family Camp Welcome and Information sheet, click here!

Many of the activities available to the boys during the regular camp season will be available to your family: tennis, badminton, and basketball; sailing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. The archery range will be available and the water-ski boat will be running for skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing. Of course, it's also a great opportunity to simply decompress for a few days: lie on the dock and pretend to read; float lazily on a raft in the swimming area; enjoy a rest hour after lunch.

Meals are served family style in the dining hall. The chef and baker who spoil the boys all summer will be at their best to dazzle you with gustatory delights, including fresh-baked breads and homemade desserts. Breakfast starts at 8:00 am, lunch at 1:00 pm, and dinner at 6:00 pm.

Available accommodations include cabins – with or without a bathroom – and tent sites. Some of the cabins are perfect for a small family; others are large enough to be shared by more than one clan, the same cabins where the boys live during the summer.


Health History & Acknowledgement of risk

To download a pdf of the Family Camp Health History form, click here!

Kabeyun requires all participants in family camp and other off-season programs and events to provide basic health history information in the event that you or your child requires medical assistance while at camp. Please be aware that there are no onsite medical personnel employed by Kabeyun during family camp. The information requested includes medical conditions or concerns, physical restrictions that could affect your ability to safely participate in camp activities, known allergies, an emergency contact, and an authorization to treat in the event of an emergency.

On the reverse side of the health history is an acknowledgement and assumption of risk, as well as a photo release. You have the option of declining the photo release, in which case any pictures taken of you by Kabeyun's photographer during your stay will not be used in promotional materials in print and online.

You can return your health history form(s) by scanning and emailing them as attachments or faxing them to (603) 509-9239. If you do not provide them in advance you can bring them with you and submit them to the office on your arrival.


Lodging Options

Cabin with bathroom $35.00 per person, per night
Cabin without bathroom $25.00 per person, per night
Tent or Trailer site $10.00 per person, per night
Commuting (or visiting for the day) Free!


Daily User Fees (includes meals, activities, etc.)

Ages 13 and older $75.00 per day
Ages 5-12 $60.00 per day
Ages 4 and younger Free!

Daily user fees offset the cost of the family camp staff, camp supplies, and food. It is not a per-meal cost; if you’re at camp and choose not to eat in the dining hall, the full daily user fee still applies.

If you arrive after lunch on your first day or depart before lunch on your last day, daily user fees for those days are billed at 50%.


 Questions? Call (603) 875-3060, or use the form on the Contact page.