What Makes Kabeyun Special?

Hear about what makes Kabeyun the unique and special place that it is from camp's director, as well as in the words of a Kabeyun parent and member of our staff.

Different Camps Rolled Into One

Kabeyun has something for every boy, from sailing to drama, from rock climbing to leather-working. Boys can try lots of different activities or focus on reaching mastery in one or two.

Campers Pick Their Own Activities Every Day

Kabeyun campers choose their own activities every day. Each day can be different, or they can focus on one or two activities – the choice is always theirs!

Camp Is The Greatest Gift

Kabeyun offers boys unique opportunities for growth. Campers come home with new activity-based skills and a better understanding of principled living in a community.

Lifetime Of Discovery

Kabeyun is a place where boys continue to grow, discover, and develop year after year. Our campers don't come for just one summer - they come for many!

The Ideal Camp Size

Kabeyun's size allows every staff member to get to know every camper, to understand what each boy is passionate about, and how to help him grow.

Try New Experiences at Kabeyun

Camp Kabeyun is all about bringing children together and helping them learn about a variety of interests and hobbies. It gives them a chance to try out new experiences and adventures that they may never have tried otherwise and meet other kids that they wouldn't have known. It allows these boys to expand their interested and uncover their passions!

Screen Free Summer, Connect to Nature

At Kabeyun, boys have a screen-free summer. It’s amazing how quickly they let go of their devices and forge new connections with people and nature.

We Are More Than Just a Summer Camp

Camp Kabeyun is more than just a camp. We help our campers build independence through choice. We have many different activities for your guy to choose from, and we allow this choice to be solely theirs. We want these young men to become independent and have the ability to make choices, and take on significant responsibility. Camp Kabeyun is a place or learning and growing!

Chose it, Tried it, Love it!

"Chose it, tried it, love it" is the perfect way to describe the Camp Kabeyun experience! Every child is given the opportunity to choose what they are going to do at camp, what they want to explore, the trips they go on, and how to spend their time. Camp Kabeyun is all about forming connections, relationships, and bonds between the boys. It's about encouraging each other to try new things, and being there to support one another throughout each adventure!

Allow Your Child to Challenge Himself at Kabeyun

Camp Kabeyun is here to help your child grow as a person. We are here to guide them on their path to finding their interests and passions. Each day your boy will be challenged to try new things. He will learn and grow through success & failure. He will learn that they can overcome any challenge or obstacle that he may face. Camp Kabeyun has a place for everyone and we can't wait for your child to find their place!

Video Shorts – As Seen on Social Media!

Working through homesickness
Something for every interest
Always learning
Time to reflect
Easy to try new things
Choose activities every day
Try Something New
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See Kabeyun in Action!

See camp the way it actually looks and feels during the summer! The full video tells the story of Kabeyun – put yourself in the heart of a camp summer, feel the warmth of the sun and water, soak in the fun surrounded by boys enjoying a summer experience like no other.

I Chose It, I Tried It, I Love It!
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