The Pod of the West Wind

Buckle up Kabeyun campers. You've read the Log of the West Wind in summers past. Now, for this summer only, we’re releasing the POD of the West Wind into the wild. We know you miss your time with us counselors, so now we’re bringing them direct to you, right in your own home. Our show will consist of goofy, camp-style chats. We’ll cover the big topics, the small jokes, and everything in between. Tune in weekly to hear the friends you know and love!


The Pod of the West Wind

Listen to Kabeyun's podcast, the Pod of the West Wind, for fun stories about our boys summer camp and some alumni adventures beyond Lake Winnipesaukee.

Mac Callahan

Season 2, Episode 2

This week the the pod, Mac Callahan comes on to share stories from his gap year, including a firsthand account of working on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses and South Carolina primary.

Here are a few handy and interesting links related to our conversation: – learn about the candidates, find out if and where you're registered to vote, and more.

What's a "kenbuck?"

Jesse Metzger

Season 2, Episode 1

Here we go, listeners, we're starting off on a new adventure with a new host as Mac moves on to bigger and better things. We've got Jesse Metzger on the pod this go around, swapping stories from the Appalachian Trail with camp's director and revealing the top secret recipe behind one of camp's legendary bits of trips cuisine!

Matt Thacker

Season 1, Episode 9

Mac interviews Matt Thacker on his beard culture contributions, his sweet culinary experiences, and the origin of the Bears program at camp. This one pairs well with a camp-stove dinner and some raging whitewater. We also might find out why all your favorite counselors are running to Alta Ski Resort….

Jane Holiday

Season 1, Episode 8

Oh wow, campers. Get ready to be uber crafty on this Friday afternoon. Mac interviews Jane Holiday on her proximity to camp, her after-hours Alton tales, and even some serious ukelele talents...

Larry Golding, Bill Ricker, and the Jolly Green Giant

Season 1, Episode 7

On an otherwise ordinary July morning in 1980, all of Kabeyun's campers and staff mysteriously vanished, leaving behind only camp's director and assistant director to wonder what happened, and who was behind it? A story told in two parts by a pair of Kabeyun legends – Larry Golding and Bill Ricker. Guest hosted by Bob Linscott, a camper in the 1970s and counselor through the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

Ken Robbins

Season 1, Episode 6

You know him, you love him, and you likely haven’t heard his cold brew passions and trail tales. Ken Robbins, the director himself, shares everything from his thoughts on running camp to his childhood achievements. Maybe we’ll get a little sentimental too...

Sam Dyer

Season 1, Episode 5

Oh boy campers, this is going to get gnarly. I have the professor of powder, the maestro of moustache, Sam Dyer. Listen to hear his wacky stories and zany climbing tips...

Eliot Golding

Season 1, Episode 4

Eliot Golding comes on the show and chats about his camper days. Then he and Mac get sappy about camp and talk about theater. You ever wanted to know about the Book of Swim? Listen and find out…