4 Psychological Benefits of Summer Camp

4 Psychological Benefits of Summer Camp

Overnight camp is an exciting and often life-changing adventure that helps children develop self-confidence, resilience, and independence all while being screen-free and plugged into the outdoor world around them. For the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, children have faced many challenges, including isolation. Remote learning has many benefits, but it’s also caused children to learn separately from their peers and significantly increased their screen time.

Kabeyun and other camps offer boys the opportunity to develop friendships in-person again. Our camp provides a screen-free summer experience where kids can go on adventures, learn in nature’s classroom, and make life-long friends. At Kabeyun, boys grow in social maturity and emotional intelligence. What are the specific psychological benefits of sending your son to an overnight camp? Here are four we have observed.


Giving your child the opportunity to live away from home fosters his independence. At Kabeyun, boys choose all their own activities every day, guided by experienced counselors. This gives campers tremendous freedom within a structured system. For many families, COVID reduced the opportunities children and adolescents had to grow their independence. However, summer camp can provide your child the opportunity to grow and discover who they are, what they like, and what they dislike. Camps like Kabeyun can help foster your child’s independent growth while allowing him to thrive within a community unplugged from technology and its pressures.


In addition to developing as individuals, campers learn to function as part of a larger community. They meet many new people, both adults and young folks, with different backgrounds and perspectives. Cabin life and activities offer opportunities to collaborate, cooperate, and socialize with boys they might not befriend at school. Our staff members discuss and model how to find peaceful solutions to conflicts. Boys learn to inspire and build each other up. Long-lasting friendships grow out of this safe and nurturing community.


Camp provides plenty of opportunities for kids to challenge themselves to overcome physical and mental challenges. They don’t always succeed the first time! The best camp counselors help children break down their own barriers to success, whether that’s on the tennis court, theater stage, or on paddling, hiking, and rock climbing trips. They create an environment where it is safe to try and fail and try again… and again. We help our campers to live in the moment, solving and overcoming tasks as they arise. Staff members foster this resilience and lead by example. At Kabeyun, this kind of effort and resilience shown by campers is recognized and celebrated publicly every day.


The entire summer camp experience -- living among peers, tackling new challenges, and determining their day-to-day schedule -- offers campers opportunities for growth that living at home cannot provide. Shutting off phones and laptops provide kids the opportunity to remember who they are apart from the technological world. It takes courage to try something new and that courage leads to self-confidence. Making new friends, choosing their own activities, setting goals, and achieving those goals all give boys’ self-confidence a tremendous boost.

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