Marathon Effort Supports Campers

by Laura Remington /
Marathon Effort Supports Campers

Two middle schoolers are Kabeyun-bound this summer thanks to the initiative of their teacher, Cam Netland, and the generosity of more than 50 donors.

Cam, a Kabeyun counselor and former camper, ran his first marathon in January and used the race to raise $5,000 to help his students attend camp.

“I’ve run half marathons before, but this was a much bigger endeavor,” Cam said. “I thought, what if I use all this running as a way to help some kids? I always liked being at camp more than I liked being in the classroom, and I really wanted these guys to have the Kabeyun experience.”

As part of Teach for America, Cam is simultaneously earning a master’s degree in education and teaching in a public middle school. He identified two students, one 7th- and one 8th-grader, who were interested in camp and whom he thought would especially benefit from a month on the lake.

Then Cam had to raise the money and run the race. He did both with aplomb, raising $5,000 over a couple months and finishing in 4:52:21. Many Kabeyun folks contributed – and we all look forward to welcoming two new campers this summer.

If you’re inspired by Cam’s efforts, you can support our Tuition Assistance program with a contribution. It is easy to give online using the green "Donate" button in the upper right of your screen. Thanks for your support.

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