The Kabeyun Archive Project

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There are scanned images from Kabeyun's archive, a small sampling, available on our photos site. Click the photo at left to go there now! It's password protected with the last name of Kabeyun's founding director. If you cannot get through the security, let us know through the Contact page and we'll help you in.

The Kabeyun Archive Project

Did you look closely at the postcard that was mailed in advance of Kabeyun's 90th Anniversary? Quite a bit of thought went in to the two photographs on the postcard. The first is the iconic photo of the first 5 campers with John Porter and Maynard Cheney in 1924. The second is staged to resemble the 1924 photo, taken during Kabeyun’s 90th summer. This photo features Ken Robbins with a number of Kabeyun staff and campers, including Luke Latham (Win Latham's son), Devin Ricker (Brandt Ricker's son), Angus Pratt (Richard Pratt's son), and Alex Slomin (Dave Slomin's son). You might also notice that Bill French is sitting in the same spot where his father sat in 1924 when he was a camper at Kabeyun.

To involve present-day campers in the 90th celebration and share with them some of camp’s history, we created the Kabeyun Archive Project. Throughout the summer, campers have selected old photos from the archives and re-created them with current campers and staff. They've had a great time standing in the same spots where the original photos were taken, amazed at how so little has changed. The clothes, maybe, and a tree or two, but thanks to the timeless nature of Kabeyun, everything is much as it has been for nearly a century.

Eventually, we'll tackle a video portion of the Kabeyun Archive Project. Those who were at Kabeyun up through the 1970’s might remember Uncle John walking around camp with his 16mm movie camera; those films have all been digitized and we hope to re-stage and re-shoot a couple them using the same locations.

If you have old photos that you would like to share with the Kabeyun Archive project, you can send them to Bob Linscott, c/o Camp Kabeyun, PO Box 325, Alton Bay, NH 03810 (if you are using FedEx or UPS use Camp Kabeyun, 43 Kabeyun Road). Please indicate if you would like these returned to you. You can also scan your photos and send the files to You can use that address to send any old video files too!