2017 Sessions, Tuition & Dates

Sessions for New and Returning Campers, ages 7 to 16

We have worked to maintain the integrity of the camp experience for the boys by avoiding the coming and going created by lots of session lengths and choices. Most of the boys, regardless of age, come to Kabeyun for one of the two four-week sessions. The whole community starts and departs at the same time, assuring the boys of the chance to connect with everyone at camp - we all get to know each other very well, and very fast.

Typically, about 20% of the boys stay through the changeover, for the Extended Stay or The Summer sessions. Therefore, we begin again at the start of Half Summer II with all the same group bonding and orientation activities as the start of Half Summer I. Boys who attend Half Summer II only do not come into an already-established camp community.


Half Summer I

4 weeks, new & returning campers, ages 7 to 15
Tuition: $5,200.00
Dates: Sun, Jun 25 – Sat, Jul 22

Half Summer II

4 weeks, new & returning campers, ages 7 to 15
Tuition: $5,200.00
Dates: Sun, Jul 23 – Sat, Aug 19

The Summer

eight weeks, new & returning campers, ages 7 to 15
Tuition: $9,775.00
Dates: Sun, Jun 25 – Sat, Aug 19

Extended Stay

seven weeks, new & returning campers, ages 7 to 15
Tuition: $9,150.00
Dates: Sun, Jun 25 – Sun, Aug 13



Two Week Introductory Session for New Campers, ages 7 and 8

The two-week Introductory session is available to first-time campers, 7 and 8 years old, for their first summer only. Whenever possible, we try and create a dedicated cabin for the Introductory guys so that we can maintain all of our cabins without the coming and going of boys signed on for different lengths of time. Because making connections is at the core of the Kabeyun experience we don't want the boys to have the experience of cabin mates leaving before they do, and don't want a boy coming late into an established group.

Visit the Director's Blog in the Resources section and read the "How Many Weeks?" entry for a full discussion of the session lengths at Kabeyun.


Introductory Session I

2 weeks, first-time campers, ages 7 & 8
Tuition: $3,000.00
Dates: Sun, Jul 2 – Sun, Jul 16

Introductory Session II

2 weeks, first-time campers, ages 7 & 8
Tuition: $3,000.00
Dates: Sun, Jul 30 – Sun, Aug 13


"The Bears" Wilderness Adventure for Returning Campers, ages 14 – 16

Trips are an integral part of any summer experience at Kabeyun, and for some boys, it is what they come for summer after summer. If it were up to them, they'd be out of camp as much as possible, and The Bears is their opportunity to do just that! In 2017, the Bears will be a seven-week program, running during Half-Summer I and the first three weeks of Half-Summer II. The group of 6–8 boys, with their staff instructors, will have their base at camp, going out each week for 5- or 6-day expeditions throughout the White Mountains and beyond. While the exact itinerary will vary depending on the interests and abilities of the group, the summer should include most, if not all, of the elements of Kabeyun's trips program – hiking and backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, and more!


The Bears

7 weeks, returning 14 – 16 year old campers
Tuition: $9,150.00
Dates: Sat, Jun 25 – Sun, Aug 13

Learn more about The Bears.


Counseling Internship for Returning Campers, ages 16 and 17

The counseling internship program at Kabeyun is a wonderful opportunity for older campers to expand their involvement with camp and to prepare for the challenges they will face if, in the future, they join the Kabeyun staff. The intern program is vastly different from the summers participants have experienced in the past. There is a focused and specific curriculum, concentrated on developing leadership, teaching, and group management skills. Interns work closely with counselors in activities and in the cabin, observing and being observed, teaching and co-teaching. These experiences are enhanced through regular group meetings, workshops, and individual feedback conferences. And, while graduates of the program are invariably more prepared for the challenges of camp counseling work than they would otherwise be, participation in and completion of the intern program in no way guarantees future employment on Kabeyun’s staff.


Counseling Internship

8 weeks, returning 16 & 17 year old campers
Tuition: $7,350.00
Dates: Fri, Jun 23 – Sat, Aug 19

Learn more about the Counseling Internship program.

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