Pre-Camp, Travel, and Arrival Day Expectations

This summer, Kabeyun is again asking our campers, staff, and their families to take all reasonable precautions to avoid bringing COVID to camp.

We are relying on you to do everything you can to drop off a healthy, virus-free boy. 

While the CDC has relaxed many of its guidelines, Kabeyun still expects its families to exercise caution and adhere to stricter standards in the days before campers arrive. This will greatly reduce the risk of anyone bringing COVID to camp. It also will increase the likelihood Kabeyun can run our camp program without restrictions and give your son a community experience that emphasizes personal responsibility and thoughtful decision making. 

Our goal, as it was in 2021 and 2022, is to create a COVID-free community at the start of each session and then to maintain that bubble during camp. Our two-pronged approach requires 1. a testing regimen and 2. behavior modifications in the period before camp and just after the session begins. While it would be easier to rely on a testing regimen alone, we believe pre-camp behavior modifications are crucial to avoid the incredible disappointment your son will experience if he tests positive and is denied entry to camp or is sent home after testing positive at drop-off. 

These pre-camp expectations apply to everyone, are in addition to our vaccination policy, and are not affected by whether or not your camper has recovered from a recent COVID infection. If you anticipate any difficulties with these expectations, please contact Ken to discuss.


Understanding that COVID can incubate for up to 14 days, please avoid any unnecessary exposures and take precautions such as masking, distancing, and being with others outdoors. Specifically, we ask that campers, staff, and their household members:

  • Avoid social gatherings with more than 10 people outside your household. Avoid indoor restaurant dining, including tents that are not well ventilated.
  • If meeting with friends, do it outdoors. Do not take part in sleepovers. Consider wearing a mask in indoor settings for the week before camp.
  • Avoid non-essential travel, and do not take a cruise or travel internationally. Please mask while traveling by plane, train, or bus.

If any of these expectations pose a challenge for your family, please contact Ken to discuss your situation.

In addition, during this time period or before, please begin planning for the required pre-camp rapid antigen COVID test. All campers and staff members must arrive at Kabeyun with a negative rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours of arriving at camp. Use this time to acquire the necessary test kits, and consider testing not only your camper(s) but others in your household, especially anyone who will travel with him or them on opening day.

Please note: we prefer that Kabeyun families address their sons’ pre-camp needs such as haircuts, dental, medical, and other appointments more than ten days before arrival.  


It is essential your family continue to follow the pre-camp behavioral expectations and take care to reduce the risk of COVID transmission during your travel to Kabeyun. This includes all safe masking, physical distancing, and hygiene measures.

Within 24 hours of their arrival at camp, test your camper(s) for COVID using a rapid antigen test that can be acquired at most pharmacies and grocery stores. If possible, we encourage you to also test other members of their household, especially anyone who will traveling with them to camp on opening day.

Try to travel to camp as directly as possible with no or reduced layovers.  Please avoid dining in restaurants; consider packing your food. Take care to wear masks while getting gas, using a restroom, etc., and wash your hands afterwards. As a reference, here are the CDC’s guidelines for safer domestic travel.

In 2023, Kabeyun does not plan to provide transportation from airports and bus or train stations.