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3 Benefits of Going to an Overnight Summer Camp

Monday, February 19, 2018/by Kabeyun/Go Back

3 Benefits of Going to an Overnight Summer Camp

Many parents want their children to engage with other kids and learn how to be social. For many decades, summer camps have been a great option to keep children entertained and active when they're on break from school. By spending time at one of the overnight camps in New England, your child can create new memories and grow as an individual. If you're considering putting your kids in an overnight summer camp, here are some of the benefits that it offers.


Summer camps can help children learn how to develop independence as they spend a significant amount of time away from home and their parents. They'll learn how to do activities on their own and develop more confidence. They can form new habits and routines while becoming more self-sufficient. As kids try new activities and begin to succeed, they'll become more courageous when it comes to getting outside of their box and breaking their normal routine.

Healthy Social Interaction

Many kids struggle with being overly shy or antisocial, which can make it challenging to make new friends. Spending time with other kids in a fun, flexible environment outside of the classroom can force them to learn how to become social when spending time in a new community. They'll learn how to make conversation with other kids in their cabin and can find mentors among the camp counselors.

Children can learn teamwork instead of only focusing on themselves when attending a camp like Kabeyun, which can allow them to thrive more in school. They can learn how to help other individuals instead of just thinking about their own needs.

Technology-Free Zone

Kids will be forced to unplug from technology during the summer, which can allow them to become more creative and active while away from home. Overnight camps in New England include plenty of fun activities and games throughout the day, which can help your child find new hobbies and break the habit of spending too much time on their tablet or smartphone. They'll have several hours of unstructured play each day where they can learn how to use their imagination and develop new skills.

Being a kid means spending plenty of time outdoors and making new friends, which an overnight camp can provide in the summer. These camps can introduce your child to playing sports, making it easier for them to keep active and stay healthy throughout the year.