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5 Life Lessons that Can Be Learned at a Boys Summer Camp

Saturday, June 2, 2018/by Kabeyun/Go Back

5 Life Lessons that Can Be Learned at a Boys Summer Camp

Memories of the sleep-away camp experience often include long, warm days filled with campfire songs, snacks that only taste good when roasted over an open flame, nights filled with laughter, and days packed with adventures and breathtaking views only nature can produce. Spending time at a boys summer camp can also be a great way to teach adolescents and teens many important lessons that can be applied later in life, like the ones discussed below.

Relationship Building

Summer camp teaches boys to meet and interact with other people in a way that's positive and productive. Many of the friendships forged while at camp translate into lifelong relationships because of the experiences shared together. The ability to find common ground with new people is a skill that can also come in handy in other situations.


The first time starting a fire, rock climbing, fishing, or wakeboarding may cause some anxiety for campers. However, the encouragement provided by both counselors and fellow campers that often leads to successfully overcoming lingering doubts and doing things once thought to be difficult or impossible, can result in a boost in self-confidence. It's feelings like this that can make it easier to face new challenges later in life.

Embracing Diversity

Summer camp is a gathering spot for boys with various backgrounds. Because of this diversity, campers often learn to embrace the many personal and cultural differences that can make people unique. Plus, there's no better way to learn to embrace differences and see commonalities than to explore, laugh, learn, and share together in a relaxed setting.

Getting Outside of Comfort Zones

Stay-over summer camps provide plenty of opportunities for boys who may normally be far away from raccoons, raging rapids, or miles of shoreline to try new things in new environments. Sure, it can be scary for anyone to be out of their comfort zone. But it's not unusual for boys to return from summer camp with new skills or a willingness to explore other adventures after receiving a gentle nudge to try different things with other campers who may be just as new to the same experiences.


Yes, summer camp can be a time for fun, games, and adventures. Even so, there is also a structure that usually involves things like having to remember to bring supplies or helping to keep campsites organized. It's a lot easier to learn the value of responsibility in a setting where fellow campers often have to work together to make things enjoyable for everyone.

A boys summer camp experience, like the one offered by Kabeyun, can enhance your son's childhood and provide valuable life lessons. Learn more today.