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5 Qualities That Make a Good Camp Counselor

Saturday, December 15, 2018/by Kabeyun/Go Back

5 Qualities That Make a Good Camp Counselor

One key factor parents should consider when researching overnight camps in New England is the qualifications of camp counselors and directors. This is important because these individuals will be responsible for your child while they are at camp. So, what makes a good camp counselor? Here are 5 qualities of a good camp counselor.


It is crucial that counselors take initiative in every aspect of their job, not waiting around for someone to tell them or ask them or even remind them of the things they are responsible for doing as part of their job as a camp counselor. Good camp counselors will take their initiative to the next level by doing the little things, such as helping someone when they notice they need help, picking up stray items, and generally being a good contributor to the success of the camp.


While this might appear to be self-explanatory to most, it is worth stating the obvious that campers come first while at camp. It is important for camp counselors to have this mentality when they come to camp, and strive to maintain it throughout the duration of summer camps. Although campers do come first, good camp counselors will still know when to take a few minutes for themselves.

Positive Role Modeling

It is important to remember that kids watch everything you do and will imitate everything that they learn from you—positive or negative. The way you react to situations that arise throughout camp will be noticed by the campers and may be emulated later on. While it isn’t always possible to react correctly in every situation that arises, striving to have a positive attitude is a great place to start.


Creativity can be wrongfully equated with the arts, which isn’t always the case. Being creative at camp simply means that counselors are able to think outside the box when needed. Counselors that are able to come up with new or different wants to approach an activity, problem, free time, meal time, etc. are creative, and can make time at camp more meaningful. When you come up with a new or different way of doing something, you keep things interesting.


Resilience, or being able to roll with the punches, is another important quality that great camp counselors possess. Life can be unpredictable, with something unexpected around every corner. Being able to work effectively despite these setbacks says a lot about a person and can have a positive impact on a camper’s impression of camp. The important thing is when the unexpected things arise, counselors are able to cope and adapt without letting it affect their professional duties and responsibilities.

As you can see, when you look for overnight camps in New England it is important to consider and learn as much as you can about the camp counselors. Your young camper is going to be interacting daily with their various camp counselors, which is why you are going to want to find a camp that employees the best camp counselors around to help ensure your young camper has a positive experience at camp.

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