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The Blog of the West Wind

Offseason musings from the Director and other voices regarding Kabeyun’s philosophy and the role of camp in developing strong, confident, and caring boys.

10 Reasons Why Camp is Great for Kids


Anyone who has attended a summer camp themselves will know first-hand just how rewarding and exciting New Hampshire summer camps can be. Having had the experience yourself, as a parent it is only natural that you want your child to have those same experiences. But parents who did not attend camp as a child might not realize just how important of a role camp can play. Here are 10 of the top reasons why attending a summer camp is great for your child.

  1. Increased Physical Activity. Nowadays, children spend the majority of their time inside, sitting down. Camp provides campers with the opportunity to get outside and to get active. Whether it be running, hiking, swimming, biking, jumping or any other physical activity, there are numerous activities that will get your child outside and moving.
  2. Increase Their Confidence. During the school year, children are exposed to academic, athletic, and social competition. At camp, much of that competition is removed and children are able to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. All the activities that campers can participate in at camp are non-competitive and are focused on the individual boy and his goals and abilities.
  3. Gain Resiliency. Camp is a great way for children to learn to overcome their fears. Additionally, campers will receive encouragement in a friendly environment that teaches them to turn setbacks into comebacks. As a result, campers are more willing to try new, and sometimes frightening, things they might not have tried otherwise.
  4. Unplug from Technology. When children take a break and unplug from cell phones, TV, the Internet, and other technologies, they are then able to rediscover their creative powers and interact with real people, real activities and real emotions. Camp teaches children that there is plenty to do outside of a screen and they don’t need technology to have a good time.
  5. Develop Life-Long Skills. Camp is a great environment in which children are able to expand and develop their abilities. Whether your child is interested in developing their athletic, artistic, or adventuring skills, there are activities at camp that can help.
  6. Gain Independence.  At camp, children are provided with opportunities to practice making decisions themselves, without parents or teachers guiding them. Camp provides a safe and caring environment in which daily choices can be made. Gaining independence provides children with a sense of freedom that allows them to develop and blossom in new ways.
  7. Free-Time for Unstructured Play. At home and school, many children are exposed to highly structured, hyper-scheduled routines. At camp, children are able to enjoy some free-time and participate in unstructured play. Camp provides campers with the ability to enjoy weeks of care-free living where they can relax, laugh, and be silly all day long.
  8. Learn Social Skills. When arriving at camp, campers are joining a community that is not only close-knit but a community where campers learn about cooperation and respect for others. When campers share a cabin, they learn to share chores, resolve disagreements, and can see first-hand the importance of communication.
  9. Reconnect with Nature. Camp is the perfect way for children to reconnect with nature and enjoy some time outside. In fact, camp is the perfect antidote to “nature deficit disorder” and provides children with a break from the monotony of modern life. Time outside can enrich children’s perception of the world while supporting healthy development.
  10. Make Lifelong Friends. Camp is the perfect place to make lifelong friends. Camp provides a setting free from the social expectations typically found at school. Summer camps encourage campers to relax and make new friends that they will keep for a lifetime. Camp activities like singing, laughing, talking, playing, and facing fears bring campers together.

As one of the premier New Hampshire summer camps for boys, Camp Kabeyun is no exception. Kabeyun provides ample opportunities for boys to learn and grow in a fun and safe environment. Check out Camp Kabeyun for your next fun summer camp adventure!



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