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The Blog of the West Wind

Offseason musings from the Director and other voices regarding Kabeyun’s philosophy and the role of camp in developing strong, confident, and caring boys.

A Brief Overview of Different Types of Summer Camps


With so many overnight camps in New England to choose from, how do you begin to narrow it down and find the right camp? One of the first things you can do is to determine what type of camp is going to be right for you and your child.

If you have an older, more mature child who is ready for some independence, an overnight camp might be the perfect solution. For kids who aren’t quite ready for a night away from home or mom and dad, there are plenty of other options available. Here is a brief overview of the different types of summer camps that are available for kids to enjoy all summer long.

Overnight Camps

At an overnight camp, campers stay away from home for a predetermined period of time. At camp, campers stay in cabins with anywhere from 4-12 other campers. Aside from having other campers in their cabin, there are camp counselors who provide guidance and supervision throughout camp. Overnight camps offer a wide range of activities that allow campers to learn and explore new interests in a fun and safe environment.

Sports Camps

A sports camp is ideal for kids who are interested in playing sports. In addition to getting to play and learn more about their favorite sport, a sports camp provides the perfect opportunity for kids to stay active all summer long.

Art Camps

Sending your child to an art camp will foster their creative side, and help to develop their artistic talents.

Day Camps

Day camps are the perfect camp for kids who aren’t quite ready to stay away from home. Similar to an overnight camp, day camps also have a wide range of activities that will help your child to grow and develop over the summer months.

In addition to these types of camps, there are also camps that are specific to different religions, and even boy and girl specific camps. There are even camps for the whole family to enjoy some quality time together, away from home, enjoying nature.

Camp Kabeyun is one of the premier overnight camps in New England with a wide range of activities, including art, drama, swimming, kayaking, woodworking, rock climbing, music and so much more! At Kabeyun, your son can try new activities in a fun and safe environment. If you are looking for an overnight camp for your son, where he can experience the great outdoors and have a great experience, check out Camp Kabeyun!


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