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4 Tips For Talking to Your Son About Camp

Monday, January 1, 2018/by Kabeyun/Go Back

4 Tips For Talking to Your Son About Camp

There are many ways that your son can benefit from summer camp. Explaining the exciting benefits will help him embrace all that a summer away at camp has to offer. Use the following tips to talk to your son about a boys-only summer camp in New Hampshire.

Talk About Summer Camp Early

You can help your child prepare for summer camp by getting him excited as early as possible. Use photos from the internet to show your son all the possible activities he may enjoy at New Hampshire summer camps. Children can often participate in rock climbing, white-water kayaking, music, drama, pottery, sailing, fishing and archery. Ask thought-provoking questions about which activity he thinks would be the most fun. If your child seems hesitant, ask him what concerns he has and address those concerns head-on.

Practice Sleeping Away

If your child has never gone to camp before, let him sleep away a few times before arriving at camp. When possible, gradually increase the time he is away from home. Make sure there are fun activities planned during the sleepovers so that your son realizes that going to camp will be a blast. You could also take your child to visit the camp before the summer. This could be a great way to help your son visualize all the fun he will have sleeping in cabins and doing the activities with new friends.

Help Him Pack

Before leaving for camp, you son will need to gather a few things. Helping your son pick out items and pack is a great way to keep him excited about camp. Help him pick out a swimming mask, snorkel, baseball glove, badminton racquet, fishing tackle, tennis racquet, and Frisbee; maybe even add a musical instrument to the mix. If your child has a particular interest, include those interests in what he packs for camp.

Talk About Your Own Experiences

If you were privileged to go to a summer camp as a child, talk about your own experiences. Keep them fun and include hilarious stories when possible. Since 1924, boys have been enjoying cabin life, camp activities and adventure trips while coming to Camp Kabeyun. If you know someone who has gone to this camp, arrange a time he can share some great memories with your son.

Some children may feel a bit of apprehension about leaving home without their family. However, talking to your son about New Hampshire summer camps is a great way to help ease fears.